All The Young (Crafting) Dudes

created at: 2009-05-11

Image: Dudecraft

The fast moving clan of dude crafters may be seen as brave trailblazers in the current craft movement. However, few probably remember that Rosie Grier, a member of the original Fearsome Foursome of the Los Angeles Rams, was an avid hobbyist who focused his crafting passions on macrame and needlepoint, authoring Rosie Grier’s Needlpoint for Men in 1973. Over 35 years later there’s a new breed of dudes who are crafting and stitching and making waves in the otherwise girly craft blogosphere. Continue Reading

How To: Attach Your Comforter to Your Duvet

created on: 09/13/08

If you battle the comforter scrunch night after night, help is here. This is a quick and permanent solution to keep your comforter evenly distributed inside your beautiful duvet.  Everyone will be warm and toasty and happy. 

What you need:

8 pieces of 10″ pieces of non-satin ribbon or twill tape (shoestring with ends cut off)

seam ripper


sewing machine

What you do:

1. Turn duvet inside out 

2.  Fold ends of ribbon or tape over 1/2″ and stitch down so it won’t ravel

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Sewing Machine 101- Sewing For Dudes (and Ladies) No. 2: Stitches and Seams

Check out Sewing for Dudes (and Ladies) No. 1: Gathering your Gear

The best way to learn to use your specific sewing machine is to READ THE MANUAL. If you fall into the male stereotype of one whom doesn’t ask for directions, and won’t read the instructions… get over it. 

Anatomy of a Sewing Machine

1) Bobbin winder
2) Spool pin
3) Thread guide
4) Tension Knob
5) Foot and needle
6) Bobbin housing
7) Reverse stitch button
8) Stitch length adjustment
9) Stitch selection knob
10) Manual knob
11) Bobbin winding fence

Step One: Winding the Bobbin

    A sewing machine is cool, because it’s sorta like two machines: a stitch maker, and a bobbin winder. Continue Reading