Customize Your Beanie Hat in Under 20 Minutes

How to add quick detail to a beanie cap with embroidery

I was in high school when I was first drawn to embroidering. I wasn't inspired by traditional embroidering, like a well-phrased cross-stitch pattern or a picturesque embroidered landscape. It was doodling with thread that got me hooked. I started by stitching random shapes and designs into my favorite pair of jeans, adding new accents at random. But, I stitched them in a way that only made me happy. By that I mean, if I looked down at my pants, all the shapes were right-side up. Continue Reading

How To: DIY Knock-Off Anthropologie Metalwork Hurricane

Anthropologie Metal Hurricane Knock Off

I have been loving brass metalwork hurricanes lately, especially the ones from Anthropologie. While trolling the lighting aisles of the Habitat for Humanity Re-Store the light bulb went off…the one in my head that is. I could use a brass and glass 1980s light fixtures to make a brass hurricane. Here is how I made my knock off metal work hurricane.   



Just in case you haven't seen them, the above photo is the inspiration for the knock-off. Continue Reading

Make an Embroidered Scarf for Fall

I can feel the fall weather approaching, which means it's almost time for scarves, blankets and all things pumpkin spiced! Rather than buying new clothing I don't need this season, I've been looking for ways to revamp the clothes I already have to make them feel like new. I've had a light green scarf for years, and it turned out to be the perfect piece for making this DIY embroidered scarf with a hand-drawn wind pattern along the edges.  Continue Reading

DIY This: How To Make Super Sweet Ice Cream Patches

DIY custom patches with a sweet twist - they're all about ice cream!

I scream, you scream, what’s the deal with all this screaming? July is National Ice Cream month, which is just perfect because the temperatures keep rising. A hot day is the perfect excuse for an icy scoop or two. To celebrate my love for all things tasty and sweet, I’m wearing my heart on my sleeve. Or rather, I’m wearing it on my denim vest. Here are three ways to create custom patches, all of which are ice cream themed.   Continue Reading

20 Things You Could Borrow (Not Buy) For Your Wedding

20 Things to Borrow Instead of Buy For Your Wedding

Weddings are expensive, and more often than not the things purchased for ceremonies and receptions are used only once. Borrowing some of the items needed for your wedding can help you cut costs. Here are twenty things (big and small) you can borrow instead of buy for your upcoming nuptials.   


1. Vases and Mason Jars

Table centerpieces can really be expensive, so send out an email to your friends and family asking to borrow vases, glasses, or mason jars. Continue Reading

A La Mode: 3 Fall Table Settings Inspired By Fall Fashion



If you’re stuck on how to pull together a fall table setting, simply look to your favorite fall fashions to give you some inspiration. Here are three “shoppable” fall table settings inspired by fall fashion.   


Table Setting #1

The fashion inspiration:


This fall look has some casual elegance to it with the jeans, black heals, and camel colored peacoat. Black and white can be used for so much more than Halloween. Black and white pattern can also transition to fall decor. Continue Reading

How To Style A Beautiful Bookshelf

How To Style A Beautiful Bookshelf
Photo: Zeke Ruelas

Bookshelves often end up being used more as a catch-all than a place to display beautiful objects and collections. But today we’re going to share some simple tips and tricks that will help you turn a boring old bookcase into a stunning focal point.    

How To Style A Beautiful Bookshelf
Photo: The Decor Fix

1. Vary the scale. By placing items of different sizes next to each other, your eye will bounce around from piece to piece, making for a more visually pleasing layout. Continue Reading

Roundup: 10 DIY Tote Bags for Summer

Summer is hot on our heels, which means farmer’s markets, picnics, and bike rides will be happening on the regular. Make sure you have a tote bag handy for all these outdoor adventures (that bottle of wine and loaf of bread aren’t going to transport themselves)! Here are 10 of our favorite DIY tote bags that will dutifully serve you all summer long.       

1. DIY Iron-on Typographic Tote Bag by How About Orange

2. DIY Dip-Dyed Watermelon Tote Bag by Madame Citron

3. Continue Reading

Father’s Day Roundup: 25 Awesome DIY Gifts to Make for Dad!

Father’s Day is right around the corner (June 16th, mark your calendars!). If you’re planning on making your old man a gift this year, here are 25 DIY gift ideas that are sure to make the occasion a memorable one!      

1. DIY Silhouette Art

2. DIY Typographic Clay Containers

3. Homemade Flavor-infused Vodka

4. DIY Tree Branch iPod Dock

5. DIY Bar Bottles: Hooch, Moonshine, Booze

6. DIY Swiss Army Key Ring

7. Homemade Maple-Bacon Marshmallows

8. Continue Reading

How To: Make Simple Felted Wool Mittens

created at: 02/04/2013

I don’t know how to knit or crochet or anything like that, so handmade mittens are typically out of the question for me. What I can do, though, is use a sewing machine for simple projects — like these felt mittens!      

If you are of a similar skill set, take a peek at this easy DIY mitten project from The Burl Bee! They’ve included a template as well, so you can scale your mittens for smaller hands.