Plant It: Do-It-Yourself Succulent Cart

Bar carts aren’t just for beverages anymore. Pick up an inexpensive cart and bring the garden inside!      

 This is one of those ideas that I’m slapping myself for not thinking of it first! A perfect way to display succulents-a-plenty, planting them in a bar cart allows for lots of space and loveliness!

Stunning, right? Visit Succulents and Sunshine to see exactly how to do it!

DIY Succulent Bar Cart by Succulents and Sunshine Continue Reading

How To Make A Succulent Wreath

I’m just obsessed with wreaths this year. It’s really an obsession every year, but I’ve come across this succulent wreath and I stopped dead in my tracks. The beautiful thing about this wreath? It’ll last a long time because it’s made from a very durable type of plant!      

 This succulent wreath spotted on Apartment Therapy floored me! It’s simple, natural, and absolutely beautiful. Visit Apartment Therapy for a step-by-step tutorial with photos! 

DIY Succulent Wreath by [Apartment Therapy]

Make It: Vintage Fans Turned DIY Succulent Planters

Old wire-cage fans seem to lurk in every corner of every consignment shop/thrift store/estate sale on the planet. If you’ve wondered what to do with them, here’s a clever DIY project to consider!      

Reuben from Rancho Reubidoux shared this cool tutorial for turning vintage fans into wall-mounting succulent planters. Awesome, right? Check out how he did it here! Continue Reading

How To: Make a Living Succulent Wreath!

created at: 04/10/2012

I’ve been obsessed with the idea of making a succulent wreath for years now and you know what? I say 2012 is the year I finally make it happen! Who’s with me? The weather is turning nice, after all… the timing couldn’t be better!     

This is one of the best DIY succulent wreath tutorials I’ve seen. Jaime from Prudent Baby explains how to piece it all together and even shows you how to propagate new succulents from cuttings (so you don’t have to go out and buy a million). Continue Reading

How To: DIY Hanging Succulent Garden

created at: 02/07/2011

I just finished drying a load of dishes, and looked down upon my Skinny LaMinx tea towel and noted I hadn’t gotten an update from Heather’s blog in ages, and wondered what happened to all her juicy content.

Turns out, something went awry with my feed reader, and I’ve been missing all kinds of cool stuff: new prints, patterns, and how-to projects like these awesome handcut cork magnets and my favorite: this DIY hanging garden project. Continue Reading

How To: 15, Easy Low-Maintenance Plant Projects.

It’s pretty incredible, really: plants that have developed in low-light conditions in the jungles of South American and Asia, with remarkably clean lines and tight textures that work amazingly in inside conditions in homes around the globe.

Low amounts of work, and quite the domestic payoff. Apartment Therapy has assembled fifteen of their favorite easy houseplant projects from 2009, which add a fun, intentional element with no fears of black thumbin’ it.

A succulent is a beautiful thing. Continue Reading