16 Whole-House Remodels

whole house remodels

TOH recently asked their readers to submit their remodeling projects for their 3rd annual Readers Remodel Contest. Out of the 1,300 responses, the TOH editors and their readers culled the wheat from the chaff and presented the top 16 remodels. As you can imagine, some aren’t even recognizable ‘after’. And some barely visible ‘before’!

‘House? What house?’

house with overgrown front lawn

‘Oh, THAT house!’

remodeled house

Check out all the amazing whole-house remodels at TOH.

Ready to Commit: Busting Up Your Ugly Ceramic Floor Tile

created at: 06/07/2010

You may remember a post I did here on Curbly about painting the mauve ceramic tiles in our front hall. I stand by that project. However, painting the ceramic tiles in our master bathroom doesn’t strike me as wise way to do away with that look.  Every single day I stare at the tortoise shell colored tiles and wonder how much I’d regret getting started on this project. Once I start, the tiles continue into the closet, up a step, and across the floor of a sitting area we’ve covered with carpet. Continue Reading

How To Build a River Rock Fountain

created at: 04/27/2010

Between flowers and vegetable garden tending, you’ll have a few weekends to build a zen like river rock fountain to make your backyard the tranquil envy of the neighbors (not that this is a competition, mind you). You can use just about any outdoor garden structure for a fountain, but you can’t beat the organic beauty and simplicity of smooth, serene river rocks. The trusty guys over at This Old House make it look very DIY-able. Continue Reading

This Old House Reader Remodel Winner

Before Photo of the Home

The victim of a very bad remodel, this turreted 1896 Victorian underwent a serious refurb, thanks to Dorian and Elaine Walker who were able to see past all the wrong choices of previous owners. The ‘after’ of the project speaks for itself.

After Photo of Remodeled Home

For their effort and investment, the Walkers have been awarded This Old House’s 2009 Reader Remodel Winner. That’s cool and all, but their ‘prize’ really is the finished project itself. See A BUNCH more pictures of the house at TOH. 

50 Nifty Tips for Big DIY Savings

created at: 2009-03-23

Where else would you expect to find valuable tips to save dollars at home, and from your home, than from the folks at This Old House?  Fifty itemized DIY tips to save up to $50, $150, $250, and even up to $500 are all listed with your cost, your savings, and your bonus for the change.  This list is going to be printed and posted in my kitchen as a Priority To Do list. It’s like free money. Continue Reading