182 Square Foot Apartment with an UPSTAIRS

created at: 09/14/2010

How do you pack a living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and hallway into an apartment that measures 11′ x 3″ wide by 16′  x 2″ deep by 10′ x 4″ tall? You add a second floor, of course. The owner, airplane interiors engineer and Seattle resident Steve Sauer, is quite happy with his compact crib, which includes a soaking tub (set into the floor by the front door), two beds, a video lounge and a full kitchen with a dishwasher. Continue Reading

Mini PreFab

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A 12 x 12 foot bedroom is a pretty good sized bedroom, no? Now imagine if that room’s dimensions were the dimensions of an entire house. Well, that’s the size of James Stuart’s Twelve3 prefab home.    He started Twelve3 about a year ago and plans to manufacture homes like his flat-packed and ready for shipping. The buyers would be responsible for assembling the homes. Prices would start at $25K CDN.

The 144 square foot homes will include a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and living space.  Continue Reading

The Fall Creek Mobile Cabin

Cabins should be small. And they could look like cabins…inside and out. Otherwise they really aren’t ‘cabins’ are they? So now that I’ve gotten that decree out of the way, check out this little gem from Montana Mobile Cabins. It’s a tidy little 14′ x 20′ and it fits my prescription for what a cabin should look like….inside and out. It has a full loft, studio kitchen, bath, and great room. The price? According to the maker’s website a model of this size would set you back around 50K or so, but that doesn’t include electrical, plumbing or interior walls. Continue Reading

My Cardboard House Remodel

created at: 2009-10-27

Last week MWT brought home this cute little two-story house with a request that it be remodeled for entry into a ‘parade of homes’ contest sponsored by the company for which he works. There was no word as to whether prizes will be given out to the best remodel, but, seriously, did I care?! Of course not! It was a teeny house just ready for a makeover! Here’s the outcome:

created at: 2009-10-27

I re-made the roofline to make it more appropriate for ‘thatching’, which is actually a sheet of cardboard that I scored with a craft knife. Continue Reading

Solar-Powered MicroHouse


Tiny and off the grid, could there be anything better? This 100 square foot home is part of the Human Landscape exhibit currently underway in City Hall Park in Burlington, Vermont, which runs until October 24, 2009.The structure was built by Alex Carver and Christopher North of Northern Timbers Construction and landscape architect and metal artist H. Keith Wagner. The price of the MicroHouse? Less than the cost of a small car.


For more information and images, check out this article at Jetson Green.  Continue Reading

What a $69,900 Doll House Looks Like

Retired builder Peter Riches has spent 15 years building the dolls house and crafting most of the furniture inside

Peter Riches, a retired builder from Hove, Sussex, has spent the last 15 years building this miniature mansion. Oftentimes staying up until 3 am working on it, Peter made the home’s shell out of plaster into which he hand-etched 32,000 bricks. If that wasn’t impressive enough, he also cut the 5,000 tiles he used for roofing material.

Intricate doll's house is set to fetch £50,000

A Canadian fan saw Peter’s creation online and placed an offer, which the builder accepted. The home’s sale will pay for a dream vacation and make room for Peter’s next project: A Sussex Yeoman’s long-house, circa 1550.  Continue Reading