Would You Live in an IKEA House?

A few weeks back, Ideabox unveiled its first prefab home for the US market. Designed in collaboration with IKEA Portland, the house even has an IKEA name: aktiv.    

The one bedroom, one bathroom house comes partially finished (with IKEA appointments, of course) and costs $86,500. Ideabox designed the layout, but they let their clients choose the colors. So, what do you think? Would you live in the aktiv?

See more pictures at Ideabox.

Spotted at HuffPo.

Converted Silo House


This 1940’s silo was converted into a one bedroom, loft-style apartment. complete with a queen bed, full size sofa-bed, bathroom, studio kitchen and a private porch. It’s part of the Gruene Homestead Inn‘s collection of ‘suites’ and rents for around 200 dollars a night. If the exterior pic suggests a less-than-comfortable stay, check out the interior images!




To see and read more, head on over to Tiny House Blog, if for anything else, just to see the curved staircase. Continue Reading

Susan’s Hand-Built Tiny House

Okay ladies, listen up. Susan Herr of Burlington, Vermont took a weekend tiny house building workshop last fall and subsequently built a tiny house with her own two hands. I mean, seriously, how utterly inspiring is THAT?? According toDesign*Sponge, Susan DIY’ed it all, from the gravel base to the shingles on top. The result is the ultimate ‘room of one’s own’, that Susan can use any way she sees fit. Now that is girl power. Continue Reading

The Cutest Little PreFab Ever!

created at: 2009-08-10

If the Carre D’etoiles had cheeks I’d pinch ’em! The little French prefab cubes are what we here in MN would call cabins, but they’re unlike any cabin I’ve ever seen. They’re about 10′ x 10′ square of pure luxury.

created at: 2009-08-10

They have everything you need to get away from it all, including a corner kitchen, a bathroom, bed and parquet floors, as well as a flat panel tv. They’re also mp3, telephone and internet ready. The icing on these little cakes, for me, are their sky observation kits, which include an astronomical telescope, a stellar chart and ‘pedagogical games on astronomy’. Continue Reading

The Read-Nest: The Bibliophile’s Get-Away

A little slice of heaven in only 9.8 square meters, the Read-Nest by Dorte Madrup Arkitekter is a bibliophile’s dream. Shelves for books and a spot to settle back with a page turner…doesn’t get much better.

The prefabricated structure is also perfect for writing, studying and relaxing, the Read-Nest is kind of a pop-up book in itself. A desk unfolds from the wall as does a bed. Above, the ceiling folds back to reveal a skylight. Continue Reading

Shepherds’ Huts–the Perfect Backyard Getaways?

Back in the day, shepherds used shepherds’ huts as a means to keep an eye on their flocks during cold nights during lambing season. A staple of the English countryside, they’re not used much for their original intent these days. However, thanks to companies like Plankbridge, Dorset, the charming huts have found new lives as home offices, garden rooms, music rooms and studios.

Tradition, above all, is honored at Plankbridge. Their huts are hand made using Douglas fir or Larch using timber-frame housing techniques. Continue Reading

For Sale: The LuxPod

It’s 140 square feet of pure luxury and it can be all yours for about $245K. Located in Gloucester Road, South Kensington, SW7, the teeny, tiny property boasts an ‘open-plan kitchen and state-of-the-art fixtures’. The bedroom is a 9′ x 4’9 loft. Interested? Visit Foxtons.co.uk for more information and to see more interior pictures visit the LuxPod’s website. Yes, it has it’s own website. Via.