Tool School: The RIGID NXT Wet/Dry Vac

RIGID wet dry vac review - 12 gallon 5hp vacuum at Home Depot
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You know the saying “if all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail?” Well, if all you have is a wet/dry vac, then you’re going to be just fine, mister, because it’s probably the one power tool in my house I would never, ever, not even maybe, give up.

I’ve written about the amazing versatility and usefulness of my wet/dry vacuum before (here’s what it feels like when your basement smells like poop). Continue Reading

DIY Gift Idea: Make This Wood Cutting Board (in Under a Day!)

wood cutting board
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A few weeks ago I took a woodworking class to familiarize myself with some new power tools. The class involved making a simple wood cutting board, much like this one. I was so excited with how mine turned out, and with how quick it was to make! Since it's the holidays and everyone could use a little help coming up with gift ideas, I'm sharing this DIY wood cutting board tutorial with you today. Continue Reading

Tool School: Framing Nailer

This week on Tool School, I’m trying out the new Dewalt cordless framing nailer. It’s the most powerful cordless nailer they’ve ever built, so I’m excited to see how it works! 

Dewalt cordless framing nailer - 20-volt lithium ion battery - 21-degree
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You know you’re pushing the limits of what you might call “DIY” when your project requires a nail gun. For most jobs, a hammer and a bag of nails will suffice. But if you’re framing an addition, building a deck, or putting up a fence, you’ll probably want to reach for a framing nailer. Continue Reading

Discarded Dumpster Chair Gets a Second Chance

Painting metal chairs - Office chair makeover
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I live for a great trash-to-treasure project. And this piece literally came from the trash.

I wasn't intentionally dumpster-diving, but one of our neighbors in the building was moving out, and leaving a lot behind. While taking out the garbage, I found a plastic case that had a lovely blue typewriter inside (immediately snatched that up), a squeaky office chair (I left that behind), and this ratty old seat. Continue Reading

An Unloved Utility Closet Finally Gets the Organization It Deserves

Utility closet makeover
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We're lucky enough here at Curbly to have a dedicated office space to work from. Nestled just along the divide between Minneapolis and Saint Paul, our airy studio has hosted many meetings, photo shoots, popups, and has even has doubled as an art gallery for second graders. When Curbly HQ first moved into the building in 2016, the entire space was renovated, from new flooring and lighting to a fresh paint job. Continue Reading

Tool School: Meet the Rigid MEGAMax Interchangeable Tool System

Tool School: Rigid MEGAMax
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The  Rigid MEGAMax is a hulking monster-tool. It's the Optimus Prime of home improvement. If they ever make a movie about power tools coming to life and taking over the world, forcing us DIYers to labor at the thankless tasks they've plied for so long, well, then this tool will be their leader. 

The MEGAMax is a really powerful interchangeable tool system just introduced by RIGID. The Powerbase includes an 18V brushless motor and can automatically identify which tool head you've attached (and adjust battery/motor output accordingly). Continue Reading

Tool School: Ditch Your Notepad, and Say Hello to the Bosch Laser Measure

Bosch Laser Measure paired with MeasureOn App
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Every once in a while I discover a gadget that does a lot more than I expected it to do. And the Bosch Laser Measure is definitely one of those. When I received a sample to review, my first thought was, “Great. I have thirteen tape measures on my workbench. What do I need this for?” But after trying it out, I've completely changed my mind. Now I'm thinking, “I have this thing. Continue Reading

Tool School: The Drywall Screw Gun

Ryobi Drywall Screw Gun
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The modern method of constructing an interior wall is kind of amazing, when you think about it. Drywall is gypsum plaster sandwiched between two layers of paper, and it’s what most of the walls you encounter every day are made out of. Drywall (often referred to by one of it’s brand names, Sheetrock), is incredible. It’s strong, it’s (relatively light), easy to cut to almost any shape or size, and easy to put up. Continue Reading

Tool School: Level Up with a Digital Box Level

True Blue digital box level
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The Earth might not be flat, but your DIY projects should be. That's why a good level is one of the most important tools in every homeowner's toolbox.

Levels come in many shapes and configurations, depending on what task you want to accomplish. Need a picture to hang? Use a torpedo level. Hanging wallpaper? You'll reach for a plumb bob. Heck – even the deceptively simply (but super accurate) DIY water level (basically just a long clear hose filled with water) can come in handy. Continue Reading

Tool School: Why Aviation Snips are a Must-Have for DIYers

Wiss Aviation Snips
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Aviation snips. Tin snips. Metal shears. Compound snips. Whatever you call them, a quality set of aviation snips are the single best way to cut thin and flexible materials like sheet metal, plastic, thick textiles, heavy-duty paper, and wire products like poultry netting (chicken wire), and the like. They're affordable, last for decades, and are an essential component in any DIYer's toolbox.            

Close up of pair of aviation snips
Say hello to this pair of Wiss Straight-Cut Aviation Snips


What are Aviation Snips?

Continue Reading