Sky Planter: The 21st Century Version of a Hanging Plant


A new twist on the macrame hangers of the 1970’s, Boskke’s Sky Planter is an upside down planter. (Much like the inverted tomato plant idea, I’m guessing.) It locks in the soil so there’s no mess below, and because you water from the top down, there’s no water lost to evaporation. Its ‘internal reservoir system’ means you water less often too. A conversation starter, no doubt, that will save precious floor space. Not bad! Via.

Upside Down Tomato Plant Update

It’s been about five weeks since I planted my upside down tomato plant, and, I’m very pleased to report, it’s doing great! For comparison’s sake, I planted an additional tomato plant, albeit a different variety, in the ground next to the shepherd’s hook. The plant hanging is DOUBLE the size as the one in the ground, AND the upside down plant has THREE tomatoes on it already, whereas the right side up one has none. Continue Reading