Make This: Hanging Fabric Planter

DIY hanging fabric planter to organize your indoor greenery

I was recently reading an article on how millennials are especially attracted to houseplants as it gives them something to care for since they can’t really afford to care for anything else (the article is here if you’re interested). As a millennial, you can count me in as slightly offended but also totally in agreement. My home is slowly being filled with all things leafy and green – I just can’t help myself. With all these plants comes the need for somewhere to put them, so let’s take to the walls with this DIY hanging fabric planter.          Continue Reading

DIY: Hardware Store Board and Cord Lighting

created at: 01/16/2011

Hardware store lighting so simple, it’s ingenius.  See more.

Italian designer William Raffredis has already done the heavy lifting for you if you’re thinking ‘DIY this one’.  He’s designed bare bones furniture and lighting where each component fulfills two distinct functions. Like all things made simple, these designs undoubtedly took some intense bean power. Read the entire post here.