Curbly’s Wall Art Shopping Guide: 20 Design-y Prints for Film and TV Buffs

created at: 05/29/2012

As a lover of film and TV, this might be my favorite wall art shopping guide so far! It was also really, really, really hard to narrow it down to a mere 20 prints. My suggestion?? Hit up your favorite online marketplace (Etsy, Society6, Cargoh, Supermarket, etc.) and do a search for the shows you love the most. It’ll blow your mind. Meanwhile, here are my picks for awesome movie- and TV-inspired prints!    Continue Reading

Curbly’s Wall Art Shopping Guide: 18 Awesome Prints for Kids!

created at: 05/17/2012

I’m a big believer in surrounding yourself with art and think kids deserve awesome art, too! Here are a few of my favorite prints from talented artist and illustrators from around the globe. Check them out and if you know of anyone else who should be on the list, tell us in the comments!   

1. Dinosaur Batman print by Joe Carr

2. Monsieur III print by Blanca Gomez

3. Retro Robot print by Handz

4. Take Me For a Walk print by Sarah Jane Studios

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Curbly’s Wall Art Shopping Guide: 24 Awesome Typographic Prints

created at: 05/14/2012

The second installment in our wall art shopping guide series is here! In keeping with the typography theme from yesterday, we’ve rounded up 24 totally awesome prints from talented designers and artists across the Interwebs. Enjoy!   


1. Be the Anchor print by Alejandro Giraldo

2. The Art Of print by Wasted Rita

3. Commands No. 3 print by Christopher David Ryan

4. S’more print by David Schwen

5. I Heart Space print by Christopher David Ryan

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Curbly’s Wall Art Shopping Guide: 10 Cool Collages

created at: 05/08/2012

It’s art month here at Curbly! We’re going to be sharing enough DIY art projects in the coming days and weeks to fill every blank wall in America (by my rough estimates). But, if you’re itching to get something up on your walls ASAP, we’re putting together some shopping guides to help you find affordable art now!   



Our first in this series is dedicated to one of my favorite mediums ever: collage! Here are ten prints and/or original collages to get your pad looking stylish without breaking the bank.

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