Make It: A DIY Minimalist Swing Arm Lamp

created at: 06/06/2011

Inspired by the Prouvé Potence Lamp, this DIY version is just as sleek and minimal without the maximum price tag!  


The original, designed in 1950 by Jean Prouvé and Charlotte Perriand, goes for a cool $1720.  But, like any true DIYer, Logan from the blog OneFortyThree heeded the call and took the challenge to make his own.  And with an eye toward design and some sweet skills, he did just that – for a fraction of the cost, of course! Continue Reading

Make a Stylish X-Base Office Desk

created at: 01/19/2011

Created to use as a dining table, wouldn’t this make quite the design statement as your home office desk? Up until now, the DIY ones I’ve seen aren’t quite up to snuff. Knock Off Decor just featured this one yesterday with a link to the tutorial. Jaymie from Pickled Images shared the process of converting felled trees from her property into a chunky, high style X-Base Dining Table. This table was the inspiration for her own table, available for a mere $2400 from Toronto’s Style Garage. Continue Reading

Tables Made out of Recycled Car Hoods

What Joel Hester can do with his welder and an old car hood is nothing less that remarkable. Rusty, discarded metal hoods are cleaned, buffed and clear-coated to preserve the aforementioned rust, which looks much better in this application rather than, say, hiding the engine of a 1987 Honda Civic.

From this….

To this….

Joel also fabricates bed frames, desks and armoires, but his tables seem to get the most attention. You can see example of all of Joel’s work at his website. Continue Reading

The Art of Welding

Bert Lambier is a wing nut and his art–Wing Nut Designs–is just another reason I want to learn how to weld. Will I ever become a master welder like Bert? Probably not. But that’s okay. Until then I will marvel at his skill. From elegant kelp–who knew?–to charming robots, Bert’s portfolio seems to have something for everybody.

Large Kelp Mirror

Explorer Bot