How To Get Your House Ready For Winter: A Must-Do Maintenance Checklist

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I know you’d rather this post was about Christmas decorations (pretty!), DIY gift ideas (fun!), or cozy holiday recipes (yum!), but the truth is, home maintenance should be part of your fall routine, too. Spring has its cleaning, so it’s only natural that fall has its prep. And, oh boy, should you prep. Here are a handful of tips to help you make the most of this season of transition, and help your home stay safe and warm all winter long. Continue Reading

Snowmen Bush Covers

Winterburn, according to, ‘is a cultural condition that affects plants that do not lose their leaves over the winter. Leaves turn yellow and then brown in response to specific weather conditions. Leaves do not actually burn but rather dry up.’ Those ‘specific weather conditions’ include mild winter temperatures, sunshine and winds.Winterburn prevention includes watering evergreens up until the ground freezes and wrapping the plants in burlap, but burlap-wrapped bushes don’t exactly scream curb-appeal. These Snowman Bush Covers from Plow & Hearth takes care of that problem. Continue Reading

The Fix Its: Shrink Wrap Your Windows For Winter

The Fix Its: Shrink Wrap Your Windows for WinterDon’t let the unseasonably warm weather fool you; it will get cold this year. And when it does, our 94-year-old house will get cold too. So I spent a few hours this weekend putting up insulating plastic film over our living room windows. 

Is this the most exciting two minutes and thirty-six seconds of video you’ll ever watch? No.

But it’s better than a sharp stick in the eye. And it’ll keep your house warmer, too.   Continue Reading