Make This: DIY Palo Santo Holder

Palo santo holder

As winter approaches, so does more required time indoors. All that time inside makes my home feel stuffy, cramped, and stale. In essence, my house feels like it's full of bad energy. I recently discovered palo santo, and I'm really enjoying the way it seems to cleanse the spaces around me, and even purify my own energies. Keep reading to find out more about this holy wood, and how to make a minimal palo santo holder.           Continue Reading

How to: Make This DIY Glam-O-Ween Skull Wreath (With Video)

Classy Halloween Decor: Make this Glam Skull Wreath

I don't know about you, but I've been basically looking forward to Halloween since New Year's Eve. It's such a fun holiday! Candy, ghosts, and ghouls – oh my! Even though I absolutely adore All Hallow's Eve, I'll be the first to admit that the decor can end up on the tackier side of things. Ever on the hunt for classy Halloween decor, I decided to go glam instead. Ditch the traditional black and orange in favor of gold and glitz!      Continue Reading

Make It: Strip The Shade From Your Tablelamp

Shadeless Lamp

I’m going to be honest and say that there have been times where I just want to rip the shade right off my lamp. It might not fit right. Or it might not look right. Or I hate the fabric, but am too busy to change it. Ever wondered what the lamp would look like without the shade and just the bare-bones wire?      


I’ve never thought to actually remove the shade and just keep the wire, but It actually looks pretty cool with the lightbulb exposed! Continue Reading

How To: DIY Artwork Made With Copper Wire

Create a unique piece of art, using only the materials above. No paint brush, markers, or pens required. This DIY art piece’s main material is copper wire. Check it out.    

Marlene from Jade and Fern created this cool abstract art piece using copper wire and balsa wood. I am a huge fan of abstract art, and I love the added dimension that this piece has from the materials. What about you?

Visit Jade and Fern for the full tutorial and more photos.

How To: Turn Wire Sculptures into Modern, Geometric Succulent Planters

Give tabletop decor a new use and a warm-weather-appropriate makeover with this awesome DIY idea!      

Reuben at Rancho Reubidoux snagged a few wire sculptures* for cheap from One Kings Lane with the idea of turning them into something amazing. Inspiration struck when, armed with a roll of aluminum tape, he began transforming the wire shapes into functional works of art:

Aren’t they amazing?! I want to make a million of ’em. See more over on Rancho Reubidoux! Continue Reading

Roundup: 8 Stylish DIY Wire & Cable Organization Ideas

created at: 01/16/2012

As this is office month here on the Curb, we’ve decided it was time to subdue the wire & cable beast.  We’re not using swords, whips or potions to do it either. Nope, we’re using our smarts. Our DIY smarts, that is.    

This AT-AT cable/socket box is actually a DIY kit. You can snag it at Brando for 43 bucks, but I think a clever DIYer could knock one out with some balsa wood. 

DIY Wooden AT-AT Walker Storage Box for Power Strip and Tangled Cables

Remember this TP roll extension cord holder from AT? Continue Reading

If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Embrace ‘Em: How to Decorate Unsightly Cables and Wires

created at: 11/22/2011

Ah…the wireless era! We’re almost there, really, but it’s taking too long. Why does the back of my desk have to look like an initiation test for a bomb squad?

Is this a gender issue? I mean, do guys find this photo appealing? Even Attractive? (Ed.absolutely not.

Why did a box filled with electrical cords in our recent garage sale yielded the highest profit in the shortest amount of time? And why is it that only a some weird looking guys even looked at it in the first place?

Continue Reading

Genius and Easy DIY Organization: Bread Clips as Power Cord Labels


Bread clips as power cord labels. Doesn’t get much simpler or clever…er. Unplggd also suggests using them to label your cords at both ends so you don’t have to do the ‘tug test’. You know, when you tug on the cord to see which one reacts at the other end? For more tips about ‘getting our home office wired for success’ click here.

POST UPDATE: Need bread clips?? Click here to see how to make your own! Continue Reading

How To: Make Your Own Wire Orb Light!

created at: 09/25/2011

The Random Light by Moooi has inspired many a DIY variation (including this cool hemp version), but this is the first time I’ve seen the aesthetic translated into wire–and I love it!  It’s a perfect statement piece for just about any style interior from contemporary to farmhouse, eclectic to modern.  Of course, the best part is you can make it yourself!  

There’s no denying that this oversized orb will make a big impact in any space, but its lacy construction is airy enough not to overpower the room (which is one of the things I love about it).   Continue Reading