The Best Cleaning Tips for Every Room in Your House

Have you started your spring cleaning yet?! If you’re anything like me, you’re a “clean the whole house in a day” type. Otherwise, maybe you prefer to take it one room at a time. Either way, I’ve rounded up the best hacks and tips for cleaning every room in your house.            

Remember, it’s always best to clean a room from top (i.e. ceiling fans, light fixtures) to bottom (e.i. floors) so that you don’t make extra work for yourself. Some of these tips will save you a TON of time, and others will help rid your home of stains and grime you never thought would feel clean again.

Living Spaces

1. Use old pillowcases to easily wipe and trap dust from ceiling fans. (see how here)

2. Clean screen doors with a lint roller to remove debris like pet hair. (see how here)

Photo: The Krazy Coupon Lady

3. You can also use lint rollers to clean dust from lampshades

4. Wrap a set of kitchen tongs in microfiber cloths to clean your blinds in minutes! (see how here

Photo:  Instructables

5. Your carpets will look like a new again when you use a combination of baking soda and vinegar to remove set-in stains. (see how here)


1. Make your own garbage disposal cleaners by freezing a combination of citrus slices and vinegar.

2. Scrub hard-to-clean oven doors with a Magic Eraser to remove years of grease. (see how here)

Photo: One Good Thing by Jillee

3. Soak your stove burner grates and other parts in ammonia to remove stuck-on grease and other gunk. (see how here)

Photo: The Kitchn

4. Clean your microwave with just lemon and water! Then wipe away the grime with ease. (see how here)

5. Don’t remember the color of your tile grout? Use this gel bleach to to bring your light grout back to life in the kitchen or bathroom.


1. Your shower head can look like new by simply soaking it in a solution of vinegar and essential oils. (see how here

2. Add a cleaning solution like Pine Sol to your toilet brush holder to disinfect it and keep the room smelling fresh and clean. 

3. This is an odd one – use Coca-Cola to clean your toilet bowl! Let it sit, then scrub for a sparkling toilet paper that’s free of traditional cleaning chemicals.

4. The combination of citrus and salt can clean away soap scum in your sink and shower! (see how here)

5. There’s an easier way to clean that plastic shower curtain liner than scrubbing it by hand… just throw it in the washing machine with a bit of vinegar! (see how here)

Now your home will be clean as can be with (hopefully) less effort than usual!