Print This: Wedding Puzzle Page for Antsy Little Guests

Wedding activity pages | Free printable!

Weddings can be exciting, emotional, and/or stressful times for everybody involved – except for the younger guests. For them, the majority of the day is dull, dull, and duller. Sure, it’s awesome when the cake gets cut, but little Johnny couldn’t care less about the best man’s speech. If you’re planning an upcoming wedding and want to give the kids something extra to do during the quiet times, gather up some crayons and print a few off a few of these wedding activity pages.        

Wedding puzzle pages for bored little guests | Free printable!

Click here to download and print a stack of wedding activity pages for your upcoming nuptials (comes complete with a terrible joke!). 

At each child’s reception seat, place one of the wedding activity pages, plus a handful crayons wrapped in string or twine.

Download : For Our Little Guests


Printable wedding activity sheets

Keep little hands busy with this printable wedding puzzle page
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If you want to go the extra mile for the children attending your wedding, accompany this printable with stickers or stamps. Happy wedding planning!


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