9 Weird Ways to Make Your Coffee in the Morning

9 weird ways you could be making your coffee in the morning

If I'm ever put in one of those awkward share-something-about-yourself scenarios, my default answer is to say: I love coffee. Because it's just so true. I love coffee which ever way it's prepared, and I feel like I'd tried them all… until I did a little research. It turns out there are a LOT of weird ways to make your coffee in the morning, from putting it in a sock to adding butter. Let me know in the comments if you've braved any of these weird ways to make coffee!


1. Cook it in an egg

You heard me. Known as Scandinavian Egg coffee, this method not only produces a bold cup, but also supposedly clarifies the coffee, removing all the bitterness. Essentially, coffee grounds are mixed with an entire egg (shell and all, folks), along with boiling water. The cooked egg pulls the coffee grounds to it, and with the addition of ice water, the whole mess sinks to the bottom of your carafe. I just don't know if I would be able to get over the visual of what is essentially compost in my coffee. Google at your own discretion.

2. Brew it in a sock

It's not the kind of old sweaty gym sock you're thinking of. Known in Malaysia as “Kopi,” the sock is a filter used to steep coffee in (kind of like a tea bag). After the coffee grounds have brewed in hot water for five minutes, the coffee is poured through the sock again into a cup, and then mixed with sweetened condensed milk. Yum!

3. Throw some butter in it

You wouldn't think coffee and butter would go well together, but the result is some kind of magic. Known as Bulletproof coffee, this sensational method of preparation stems from the Tibetan tradition of adding yak butter to black tea. The CLA and linoleic acid in yak butter is tauted being able to reduce hunger, help shed body fat, and eliminate usual post-coffee crashes. Bulletproof coffee mixes unsalted cow butter (or grass-fed ghee) with MCT oil. Prepare this high-energy beverage in a blender if you're a texture person, and enjoy hours of heightened awareness.

4. Add reindeer cheese

Kaffeost, or “coffee cheese” in Swedish, is akin in texture to the cheese curds we enjoy here in the Midwest. When this reindeer cheese is added to coffee, the results are oddly enjoyable. I'll just take the Swedish at their word on this one.

9 weird ways you could be making your coffee in the morning

5. Brew it in a vacuum pot 

If you live in the Pacific Northwest, you are among the few who have access to the new Starbucks Reserve locations, home to the vacuum pot. To be completely honest, I'm not even sure how it works. Part chemistry lab, this process originated way back in the 1830s and has remained unchanged since.

6. Pump it full of nitrogen

This method would be hard to replicate at home, but Nitro coffee is rapidly popping up in coffee shops around the country. Nitro coffee starts with cold-brew, which is then injected with nitrogen gas, similar to the way soda is injected with carbon dioxide to make it carbonated. What you get is a smooth, bubbly drink that pairs perfectly with a hot, summer day.

7. Put it in a popcorn maker

When you buy your coffee from the store, you either get ground coffee or whole roasted beans. If you want to really hand-craft your coffee, you can start with green beans which haven't been roasted yet! DIY your morning cup by putting the green beans in your popcorn maker to roast, then grind and brew. 

8. Add chicory root

Chicory root has been used in coffee in the south for quite some time now, and is added to take the bitterness out of regular coffee. Not only that, but chicory root may also disrupt excess hormone production in your body, so it's great to drink when you're having a particularly crabby day.

9. Skip the water, use milk instead

Known as Milky Macy, this pour over method of brewing coffee completely skips the H2O. Instead, hot milk is poured slowly through coffee grounds and a filter, creating a milky, comfy beverage.

Would you try any of these weird ways to make coffee? What's the strangest brew you've ever tasted? Leave me a comment letting me know!

For a not-so-weird way to get your daily caffeine, try coffee-infused popsicles!

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